Dogs of Melbourne Project ( now WOOF!10 )


After a lot of research to find a printer that could create a beautiful digital book of the quality we required, we have finally found one - and they're Australian. So our new project that started off as Melbourne Dogs has morphed into our WOOF!10 book. So our goal is still to photograph one of every Woofer breed type in Melbourne. We're not just looking for pure breeds but also all the different breed crosses like Cockapoo, Schnoodle or accidentally creative. The exciting thing with WOOF!10 is that this will the first that uses all the wonderful locations of Melbourne and its surrounds. 




BECAUSE we are looking at creating something special; a wonderful record of the great variety of Woofers that make up Melbourne; old and young, big and small, gorgeous and sexy ugly in Melbourne's wonderful array of locations. It would be great to see our furry friends in the fantastic mix of Melbourne's Landscape and Urbanscapes. We would love to photograph in a variety of places we haven't yet been and are open to suggestions you have for incredible spots.


We want to capture the personalities of your own WOOFER family member. Playing, running, sleeping, with or without the rest of the family ( Preferably with the rest of the family; capturing the connection is very important part of the project )


The following are the Woofers and their families that we are capturing as part of our now WOOF!10 project - we'd love for you to be a part of it as well. Please feel free to contact us and let us know of your interest - we can't wait to have a chat and give you all the details.

Cheetos & Ziggy

Vivek never considered himself a dog person before Cheetos; I was the brute force behind bringing Cheetos into our lives and what a life it’s been since! He’s got Vivek wrapped around his tiny little paw. We are convinced Cheetos is a human covered in fur and understands every single spoken word. He keeps us on our toes all day but brings out the snuggle bug guns when we need it most!


Ziggy is our big massive ray of sunshine and the yin to Cheetos’ yang. He is the sweetest, most kindest goofball and we are blessed to have him. Life with Ziggy in it has never been a day without love. And we are so glad he chose us to spend it with 


“The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven not man’s.” – Mark Twain 




Hudson, Kerry Blue Terrier. "I was looking for a non-shedding breed and am mad for anything Irish, so thought a Kerry Blue Terrier sounded perfect for me! Hudson is very curious to the point of being a total sticky beak; his head will often be in the way of whatever I'm trying to do.


His favourite games are tug of war and fetch with his beloved squeakie."


Morgan is five, and a patient and loving big sister to Max, who is 15 weeks old. Morgan lost her big brother, Dexter, three years ago and was left an only fur-child. She would wait patiently for her humans each day, and was always jumping (literally!) with joy when we got home from work. But we knew she dearly missed having a companion.

Late last year we moved into our own home, and we were excited to start looking for a sibling for Morgan straight away. Ever since we lost Dex, Morgan has been a bit apprehensive about other dog breeds, so we knew another English Cocker Spaniel was on the cards. We spent a long time looking for the perfect puppy for our family, until we heard about a litter that had just one puppy left. We made a decision, and we went for a drive. We met little Max, a goofy and clumsy golden Cocker Spaniel. He bounded up to us straight away and we knew he was destined to be ours. Morgan is just like a puppy with Max again, and the two are never far apart. True partners in mischief, and when play is done, snuggles together on the couch.

Whether it’s a swim at the beach or a picnic in the country, Morgan and Max know the words, “Let’s go for a ride in the car!”. Tails wagging with excitement, we’re off on another adventure.

Shelley and Simon

VANGUARD (the Magnificent)

I found Vanguard at The Lost Dogs Home 2 1/2 years ago. He was withdrawn, his fur was falling out, he was 8kgs lighter and walked with a pronounced limp. I was advised not to adopt him as the carers thought he was a lost cause. I was in bad mental health myself at the time, and instantly fell in love with him. It took about 6 months for him to bond with and trust me. 8 months for him to wag his tail, and a year before he barked.
As his confidence grew in the world around him, so did mine. And today he is unrecognizable as the broken dog that cowered in a corner. He has one paw operation to go until he is completely free of his former life. I named him Vanguard the Magnificent, and he's certainly living up to his moniker. I couldn't imagine life without him. 


Alfie - our Alfie boy is definitely a fighter after pulling through from a very bad infection he got when he was only 8 weeks old. He LOVES his food and jumps around like a kangaroo when it's dinner time. He doesn't like to be left and can be a bit sookie if he knows we are leaving but is then super happy and excited as soon as we get home. Likes his space a bit more at times but then also likes to 'claim our lap' and won't let Arlo on.

Arlo - our super affectionate and playful pup who is always first to jump up and give us and anyone a 'kiss' (lick). He loves his toys especially his rope toy and any one that Alfie has. Most mornings he will bring his toys from the lounge room to our bedroom one at a time and create a little collection. He loves to snuggle and stay close to us and when I say close he always lays leaning on us with his favourite spot right on our neck and shoulder.

They both play really well together and love to chase and fight over all their toys. Arlo would lay/snuggle with Alfie more often but Alfie has to be in a good mood not to growl at him and make him move so on those rare occasions it's very cute to see.


Chevy and Montana are my best friends. They go every where with me. Chevy is like a 2yr old that tries to understand every word you are saying and always hurting him self. Montana is like a 2yr old after having red cordial running circles around chevy at the paddock.

But with out them I'm lost, they are my life. Love them to the moon and back.


Holly is a 2 year old Labrador x Beagle, which we have read is called a Beagador. We adopted her from Animal Aid on New Year’s Eve 2017. We fell in love with her immediately, it was love at first sight. She has a gentle nature and playful character. She loves to play with her toys and go for long walks and runs. She is friendly, loving and affectionate and loves to give us lots of big wet slobbery kisses! She also loves curl up on the couch with us and play her favourite games including tug of war. We feel so lucky that we found Holly and we hope she feels the same way.


"When we first met Lily she was the last of her litter and covered with fleas. Despite this she was everything I ever wanted in my first puppy. She was adorable and cuddly and we both took a shining to one another.

After much training to work out some issues, after being attacked by a larger dog when she was young, she has become this beautifully natured dog, which everyone who's met her, adores. Although she tested this during her photo shoot where she was extremely excited to be in such a new place with a lot of other dogs she wanted to play with.

Lily is a loving, gentle soul and a wonderful support to her mum and never goes a day without putting a smile on our faces."