Melbourne Dogs

We Create Beautiful Artwork Of Melbourne’s Most Loved Dogs.


At Ella + Friends, we’ve been taking beautiful pictures for years - and with Family & Child Portraits, Dogs are ‘PAWS DOWN’ our favourites to take fun photos of.



After years, and nine versions, of creating the WOOF books we decided that it was time for a change and wanted to go in a new direction. We are looking at starting a new project to photograph one of every Woofer breed type in Melbourne. We're not just looking for pure breeds but also all the different breed crosses like Cockapoo, Schnoodle or accidentally creative.




BECAUSE we are looking at creating something special; a wonderful record of the great variety of Woofers that make up Melbourne; old and young, big and small, gorgeous and sexy ugly!


It would be great to see our furry friends in the fantastic mix of Melbourne's Landscape and Urbanscapes. We would love to photograph in a variety of places we haven't yet been and are open to suggestions you have for incredible spots.


We want to capture the personalities of your own WOOFER family member. Playing, running, sleeping, with or without the rest of the family ( Preferably with the rest of the family; capturing the connection is very important part of the project ) 


As a thank you for your involvement, we are offering a free Photo session and 12x8inch matted Artwork piece. Total value $528. It will be great fun, for you and your Woofer, and together we can make some fantastic images.


So click on the button, pop in your details and we can fill you in with all the info.