November 2015

Lizzy the Jack Russell

Lizzy was a beautiful and happy Jack Russell that we were lucky enough to have in the studio recently.  She loved every moment and was especially fond of her gigantic pink ball and a little bit of cake might I say also!  Now is that not one sweet little […]

October 2015

Lacey and Charlie the Boxers

“When we brought lacey home Charlie became a big sister! Charlie protects Lacey.
We got lacey when she was 12weeks old weighing in at about 1.5kgs. Within a few months she got to the correct weight and become a boxer who loves running and jumping. She is just such a loving […]

Ben and Skipper

Ben and Skip were two beautiful little models in the studio, with their good looks and their mellow, gentle personalities!

Sancia- Spoodle

“Sancia’s loving nature and the way she snuggles up with excitement when we come home always puts a smile on our faces.  We love her endless energy especially when it’s comes to ball play!”- Adam

Baz the Koolie



“Baz is a crazy little ball of fun. He is too smart for his own good sometimes but he is the most loveable dog and has kept smiles on our faces from day one.”

Lottie the Blue Beagle


“Lottie is very photogenic. She is my best friend, having lost her brother to severe illness last year at the age of 2 1/2.”

Long Haired German Shepherd


“Bear very much suits his name! With a big bark, and huge paws – he is, in fact, just a teddy bear. He sleeps outside our door to keep ‘guard’ (if not on the bed, or next to the bed) and loves his stuffed toys! He is […]

September 2015

Sizzle- Mini Dachshund

“He is the most loving little pup ever, he is very inquisitive as all puppies are, he likes to explore.  He will always look for approval to make sure it’s ok. For someone as little as he is, he thinks he is the size of a bull dog. He […]

Teddy – Staffy

“We rescued Teddy, driving all up 16 hours to firstly meet him and then return to make him a full member of our family. He was a birthday present for me, and turned out to be the best present EVER!!!” – Sharon


Cuthbert – Chocolate Labrador

“Meet the best dog in the world. Cuthbert. We know nothing about his first 6 years but in July 2012 and in a strange twist of fate, Cuthbert found us on the internet at the Lost People’s Home and this lump of chocolate love has enriched our lives more […]