Ella+Friends Photography started back in 2003 when Tom’s daughter Ella was born. With a passion for photography, Tom took many photos of Ella that his friends admired, and as a consequence he was asked to photography their kids. Soon the business grew and before too long Tom found himself wanting to give back to the community.

In 2006Ella+Friends Photography set a challenge  – to photographically document the Kids of Bayside and raise $10,000 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Australia. The aim for Kids of Bayside was to produce a collection of emotive images of children photographed on location through out the area. Over $25,000 was raised from the three Kids of Bayside books.

In 2009Ella+Friends Photography set a new challenge – to photograph the unique bond between dogs and their owners in ‘WOOF!’ and raise over $10,000 for Rescued with Love Inc. From Beagles to Boxers, Dachshunds to Dalmations, each dog is photographed doing what it loves doing best. From sleeping to jumping, from playing to scratching, dogs are always ready to put on a show and have their photo taken, and most of all, WOOF! whenever attention is needed the most.

At the end of 2016 Ella+Friends Photography made the decision to move from the South Melbourne site and focus on photographing your dogs in a more natural environment. We now go to their, and your, favourite locations to best capture them in any variety of places; whether it at your home, beach, parks or in the city. We now have the studio in the leafy surrounds of Croydon where, in our new peaceful surroundings, you can meet the team.

Currently Ella+Friends are calling for your dogs of all shapes & sizes, breed & ages to feature in our next edition of WOOF! With over a 100 participants in our latest WOOF! book.