What a great place to go to work every day - Melbourne and it's surrounds. With it's vast array of beaches. parks, cityscapes, grungy back streets and modern architecture, it offers any type of background you can want for your photoshoot. I have the chance to meet lots of wonderful woofers and the great people that have been allowed to hold their leads; together creating beautiful artwork for the homes of Melbourne and Victoria. I want to help capture the special relationship you have with with your pets, whether it’s at the beginning of your journey together, or if they've been a huge part of your life for years. I want to capture their fun expressions, individual poses, and everything that’s special to you and your family.


I look forward to meeting you, your families, your woofers and other pets.


My wife, Andrea, and I have two wonderful children – Jarvis and Tayla, and three WOOFers – Lenny our black, handsome Miniature Schnauzer and our pogo sticks for legs Schnoodle, Lulu and our full of life Yorkshire Terrier, Winston. Plus lots of budgies and a fish called Bob that has lived in our pond outside for the last 7 years, making him the oldest of all our pets.

JEN - Bookings, Admin, Viewing Consultant and Retoucher


Hey guys, I’m Jen, like you I am a fur mum and am lucky to own the quirky, ravenous, loving, spirited and cheeky rescue Cavalier Jovi, AKA Choppy!  Always up to mischief, Choppy keeps me on my game!  In my spare time I love to go charter fishing, op shopping and am hugely interested in psychology!  I look forward to meeting you and guiding you through the whole experience from start to end! 


A little more about the experience …

Here at Ella we adore copious amounts of cuddles from your WOOFers and yes, just like you we share that same passion for fur children too!  I’m your go to girl for booking your ideal shoot and love to work with you on any ideas you have so that we can capture exactly what you are looking for.  After Stephen has exhausted you all with excessive ball throwing, treat giving for tricks and finding out what is your dog’s best side, it would only be fair that you relax and unwind in your viewing with a warm cup of coffee and Rufus by your side. Now that the scene is set we get started; checking out your awesome images together and creating the artwork that best suits your home. 


We understand that every one is different and every dog is unique in their own way, therefore, so is the artwork that we create with you and for your home.  Lastly, you call the shots!  Let me know what I can do when touching up your masterpiece so that you feel comfortable and more than happy with the final product. When making the final touches on your art we have a five star guarantee and we mean it. 


Let me know how we can serve you best, ;-) Jen