Tuesday, May 15, 2018
By Ella and Friends Photography
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This is Bessie being blow waved, when she wasn't trying to chase seaweed being blown down the beach, on a VERY windy day.

Remy & Bessie are the light of our lives! Remy is nearly 3 years old and we adored him so much, we decided to get another Labradoodle, Bessie, who is now 8 months old. Although they are the same breed, they have completely different personalities. Remy is very boyish & loves catching tennis balls! He also likes sleeping with his tummy exposed ie nudie rudie style. Bessie, is a girlie girl. She has super long eye lashes & will watch me do my hair & make up each morning. She also enjoys getting a blow wave too! Both are snuggle bunnies which suits us just fine! We love our babies so much. Thanks Stephen for a great shoot even in the windiest of circumstances!

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